ROBERT Lesson 7.1.20

Hi Robert,

Good to be with you again today. I understand that you didn’t have to practice due to family commitments. No worries about that. The lesson was good and productive today.


You have a strong foundation and we just need to tweak it where you have a few flaws to make it better.

  1. You have a tendency to have a flying elbow. The right elbow is pointing more away from your body than pointing down to the ground. We worked on that we saw some improvement. This is important because your right elbow has far to drop to get it into your right side during the downswing. When it’s pointing down, the path is much shorter, more positive and easier to get into the inside path to the strike zone during your downswing. Keep up the practice.
  2. Additionally, you have a tendency to pull your elbow up during the back swing and forward swing following impact with the ball. We practiced keeping your arms fully extended throughout the swing for a purer swing arch. After impact, keep extending your arms toward the target line as if chasing the ball to the target.
  3. Get the grip more in the fingers of your left hand rather than in the palm and this will produce a better release of the club through impact and it will keep your drives moving closer to your target line.

I like your club plane most of the time. Think of a piece a glass with your head stuck through the middle while keeping your club rotating around your head without changing the plane…you would break the glass if you got out of plane.


We worked on your putting with a “rocking the shoulders” motion and keeping the swing length back and forward the same distance while maintaining a smooth tempo like a music metronome. Your distance control improved significantly with this putting technique. Finding your spot for lag puts help with your alignment to your target.


The photo is a still picture of your swing plane and it looks really great and you maintain it well throughout your swing.


There are several videos from face on and from the back in regular, slow and stop motion so that you can study your swing for the things that I have mentioned. There is a stop motion one that shows the top of your swing with your right elbow flared away from your body.

We chatted afterwards about your grandsons and your son and I suggested you bring them along for one of your lessons so your son witness your golf lesson and your grandsons can swing their clubs at some range balls

Let me know if you have any questions before our next scheduled lesson.

Coach Glen