ROBERT Consultation: 6.23.20

Hi Robert,

Good to meet you today and provide with this consultation analysis.

You showed me your set up and swing and they’re fairly sound with a few flaws that are easily fixable.

Your grip looks well placed and set-up at address is fairly good but can be improved.

Your takeaway is fairly good using a good shoulder turn to start off. You are snatching or lifting the club with your hands.

At the top of your swing where you have a long pause your elbow points back away from your body which means that your elbows are separating.  It’s important to keep your elbows from separating throughout the swing, as much as possible.

Your downswing tends to start with your hands and arms, and you will have more power, speed and consistency when you start the downswing with your hip. The hip should bump and pivot to start the downswing. You can initiate this motion with muscle inside of your right thigh.

At impact, you have fairly good extension of your arms, but you could keep them straighter and more extended, especially after impact where your left arms folds too soon away from your right elbow.

In order of priority, you should work on the following swing modifications [the first two are the most important]:

1.     Make a solid shoulder pivot to start your takeaway. No arms, hands lifting the club—that’s artificial manipulation.

2.     Keep your elbows married…don’t let them separate throughout the swing. Look at the second video…same as the first one, but in very slow motion with two freeze frames. The one at the top is to show you what you look like at the top. You right elbow is above your left one and it’s pointing toward the street behind you. This is where you want the elbow pointing down and we should be able to easily see your elbow well below your left arm. The second freeze frame is after impact with the ball. Here you can see how pull your left arm up at the elbow which separates it from your right arm. Both arms should remain fully extended at this point into your forward swing.

3.     To start the downswing, make your forward hip pivot starting from your right inside thigh to bump the hip and then pivot.

4.     Instead of throwing your upper body forward towards the finish of your swing, stay centered over the ball and that will provide you with better balance at the top of your forward swing.

Your chipping is fairly solid, also. The primary elements to work on here is keeping your speed and tempo consistent while varying the length of your back and forward swing to cover the needed distance to the pin. Also, you should be able to chip from anywhere with 3 to 4 clubs.

Your putting is also fairly solid and you can keep it your way if you want to, but you know that I recommend that your putting stroke should followed the same shoulder rocking motion as your chipping and vary the length of the back and forward stroke depending on the distance to the pin.

If you have a chance to work on these at a golf range before we meet again, I can check your progress and we can move on to the next level.

Review your videos which are in regular motion, slow motion and the second in freeze frame in two places. If you have any questions feel free to text me at 281.703.8035, or send me an email to

Coach Glen