Tara, there are two videos of your first golf swing: one from the back and one from the side.

From the waist down, you have good stability over the ball. From the waist up, your upper body moves away from the ball. The latter is you primary swing flaw at this time.

When you take the club back, down and throught the swing, you upper body needs remain centered over the ball. You do that by pivoting your upper body around your spine instead of moving your spine away from the ball.

You can practice pivoting around your spine anywhere, anytime...even in the office. You can use a club, but you don't need to. You can stand up and pivot, or your can lean over and pivot. You can lean your head against a wall as you pivot without moving your head. If your upper body tries to move away from your core, you will feel your head shift to the right or left.

There are a few other things, but I would prefer you concentrate on this movement first. Looking forward to seeing you again for another lesson—10am Saturdays.

Coach Glen