TARA Lesson — 6.26.20

Hi Tara,

Good to see you again today. As agreed, we’ll skip next Saturday’s lesson for the July 4th holiday.

We talked about your golf club set and we agreed that you need more irons and a hybrid club. The irons you need are the 7 and 9. Or you could trade in your set for one that includes these clubs.

You have improved a lot since our last lesson, and I saw that you are getting more balls airborne.

The elements that you should practice for the next two weeks are the following:

  1. Keep your arms extended throughout the entire swing except when the right arm must bend at the top of your swing [elbow pointing toward the ground], and then again at the finish of your swing where the left elbow must bend.
  2. Shoulders initiate your backswing and hips initiate your downswing.
  3. Stay centered over the ball location throughout your swing, even after impact, not allowing your upper body to sway away from center.

Also, you could spend more time on the putting green in order to become more accurate in your distance control. You want to try to get within 3 feet of the hole on the first putt, and then sink the ball with your second putt. That’s the goal.

Enjoy your golf journey!

Coach Glen