TARA LESSON - 6.6.20 TOUR 18

You've come a long way in a very short time. You have new golf clubs, 2 lessons and a consultation and you are hitting the ball. And you are learning my secrets to great putting.

The purpose of this video analysis is to point out elments of your golf swing that can be improved.

There are only two major elements that we need to work on before moving to the next level of your golf swing. The first staying centered over the ball. While you lower body appears to stay centered, your upper body appears to move away from the ball during your backswing and it moves over and again away from the ball in your forward swing. The graphic below is one form of swaying where the entire golfer's body moves away from the ball...but it's just your upper body that is.


The other element is keeping your arms extended throughout most of the golf swing. Your right arm needs to be straighter during the backswing and at the top of your backswing. And then again through the ball impact zone and again at the top of your finish swing. You can see that your elbows have significant bend at the top of your backswing, however, I also noticed that your hand and wrist positions of your right hand and your arm, wrist and hand position of your left arm in really great position. So, we don't want to sacrifice these positions while straightening your elbow.

These are the two things to work in your golf swing until our next lesson.

Regarding your putting lesson, please continue to practice the rocking-the-cradle motion with just your shoulders and shorten or lengthen your putting stroke depending on the length of your putt and the slopes and condition of the greens.

Enjoy watching the videos. There are 7 videos...regular speed, slow speed and freeze frames to highlight elements.

Coach Glen