TARA 7.18.20 Lesson

Hi Tara,

Per your request we spent our lesson time on putting techniques so there are no videos of your golf swing to analyze.

However, I believe we made some progress on stroking the ball with the putter instead of hitting the ball. We used the shoulder rocking motion, which is the most reliable method to get the distance correct most of the time.

As practiced, all putts should roll past the hole if the ball doesn’t drop in on the first putt. The second putt should be no more than a tap in.

This helps to eliminate 3 putting, or more, and saves strokes on the score card.

It will take hundreds of practice putts to learn to get the distance right for all sorts of different conditions including slopes and undulations.

Was happy to learn that returned this afternoon to practice putting some more.

Also so happy that you've found a new favorite club to strike the ball with. Congratulations!

I’ll see you again in two weeks.

Coach Glen