ZACH 11.22.20 CONSULTATION [Regina Green]

Hi Regina and Zach,

It was a pleasure to meet you both Sunday for Zach’s golf consultation.

Zach, I really appreciate your enthusiasm for golf. You go for it in a really good way.

I believe I can help you correct some of your swing flaws so that you can connect with the ball with more consistency and great impact.

Here some things I suggest you work on in the meantime.

  1. Keep your arms straighter, elbows closer together throughout the swing.
  2. Pivot more from your shoulder. This is a little tricky. I’ll explain.

The shoulder pivot is simply turning your shoulders around your spine. Many golfers struggle with this because the lift the club off the ground with their hands and arms, instead taking the club back with their shoulders.

You can practice the shoulder pivot by standing up without a club and simply turn your shoulders around without moving your upper body. Keep your body still while you rotate your shoulders.

There are several other things we can work on like your grip and your downswing, but for now I think just working on keeping your arms straighter and pivoting your shoulders is enough for now.

The videos will help you see your swing in regular and slow motion. Enjoy!

See you soon!

Coach Glen

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