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What students reported to the Better Business Bureau about Coach Glen:

"It has been an extraordinary event to be a golf student of Coach Glen.  I will also have him give lessons to my son." —David N.

"Very nice, knowledgeable and detailed. He takes his time to explain."  — Bob M.

"My golf game and knowledge have extremely improved after about 6 months lessons with Coach Glen!" — Jose M.


Provided Free to Coach Glen's golf students:  USGA Poster — "The 15 Rules Golfers Should Know" and the "Official Guide to the Rules of Golf." Also, Free Firecracker Golf Tees and Free Range Balls during Lessons.

rules book and poster

Coach Glen invented the Firecracker Golf Tee. Golfers in this video are certified professional golf coaches and their comments about the tee were voluntary during the PGA Merchandise Show.

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