Welcome to Coach Glen’s home page!

I’m a professionally trained certified golf coach teaching and instructing at all levels of experience from beginners to advanced players.

I can meet you on the golf range for an assessment of your golf skills, or you can simply email your swing video to glen@coachglen.com. A front view is preferred.

Once you have your assessment you can decide which, if any, coaching offers best suits your goals.

Options include remote training via on-going videos, in-person range training in Temple or Salado, or in-person indoor Trackman-4 training. The Trackman-4 provides the highest level of technical analysis and is available in Salado by appointment.

Please check out my referrals page for your reference. The link is: https://coachglen.com/referrals/

This site includes tons of golf resources including many instructive original articles written by me, Coach Glen, plus videos of pro swings, and much more. Simply send me an email at <glen@coachglen.com> to unlock the great free training guides. 

I'm an active member of the United States Golf Association (USGA), the United States Golf Teachers Federation, the International PGA, the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Temple and Salado Chambers of Commerce and I serve on the golf tournament committee for both chambers, and I am a member of Mill Creek Country Club.

I invented the unique tripod golf tee known as Firecracker and it conforms to The Rules of Golf according to USGA tests. I provide these tees free to my golf students.

Looking forward to meeting you on the golf course soon!

Coach Glen


Another Champion Golf Student, Laurel Repka of Crosby, TX. Receives college golf scholarship in 2022.


Chris Odle Kingwood Park HS receives a 2022 college golf scholarship!


Above: Copy of my teaching certificate

Large Picture at Right: The Firecracker Golf Tee invented by Coach Glen, the only tripodal tee because it is protected with 5 patents. Far right: A framed certificate from former Governor Rick Perry, of my commission as Admiral in the Texas Navy in recognition of my golf achievements and magazine publishing contributions.



My New Golf Bag ltr copy